I’m a Carolina graduate (Go Heels).

But my husband is a die-hard Duke fan. I mean, we are truly a house divided.

So, naturally, when Walker was born, it was an immediate chase to see who could influence him more. Everyone always said that the boys typically follow the footsteps of their fathers when it comes to team loyalty.  So far, against all odds, I’ve been successful at keeping Walker a TarHeel. So I thought I’d share some tips as to how to make it happen for others of you that may be facing these keep-you-up-at-night challenges.

  1. Provide UNC attire and memorabilia for every size, every age. If they ask for it, buy it. This includes t-shirts, jerseys and balls.Untitled-1
  2. Never allow the below to happen, ever again. I’m just lucky these things didn’t permanently take. I’d stay as far away from these scenarios as possible.
  3. Hang out with Rameses.Ramese
  4. Drink from the Old Well as often as possible.oldwell
  5. This…1900_40095250673_7098_n
  6. Force your Dukie dad to hang out on the UNC football field to throw ball with you.Dad
  7. Have a mom that loves the Heels almost as much as she loves you.Mom
  8. Keep these books in the bookcase at all times for emergency Tar Heel intervention needs.UNCBooks

Got any other recommendations for how to raise a Tar Heel? Cause I think it’s going to be an ongoing battle. Especially if dad gets tickets to any Duke basketball games this year.

2 Thoughts on “How To Raise A Tar Heel

  1. Love it!

  2. Marie Thomas on November 10, 2013 at 8:59 pm said:

    There’s always hope that Walker will come to his senses and love those Blue Devils too!!!

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