Last week I had the opportunity to visit Boston for a work trade show and was able to fit in a little bit of fun between the work.

We ate at some great restaurants, saw some wonderful places and walked a million miles. So much that I didn’t even gain a pound from all of the wonderful food.

Our hotel was located on the water, close to the convention center, and I really wanted to see more of the city, so we decided to do the cheesy tourist thing – jump on a big old bus. Don’t laugh at me – that is the single most valuable resource I’ve found to learning a new city. I’ve done it in DC, NYC, London and now Boston. You can get on and off for two days and almost use it like a taxi around the city! And you’re sure to see everything in the city and not miss anything!

People in the north typically love my accent. This time was no different. They always ask where I’m from and then say they love a southern accent. I love to hear the Boston accent as well – especially the old guys that you can tell have been around forever.

We had some wonderful food at The Barking Crab (very touristy), Towne, Legal Seafood, Shojo in Chinatown, Mike’s pastry’s and some Italian joint in Little Italy that I can’t remember the name…but it was good.

I’ve gotten so I never really travel much with my big camera because I use my phone some much, but here are a couple of pics I captured on my iPhone. I also shared pics throughout the week on my Instagram account (Follow me here).



2 Thoughts on “A Southerner Goes to Boston

  1. Looks like a yummy and fun trip!

  2. Wonderful photos of Boston! It looks like you had the chance to do some exploring and eat some really yummy food. Thanks for sharing!

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