Bracketology With Dad

We sat down last week and did our annual March Madness brackets. We each completed one and I’m happy to say that my bracket is kicking butt right now.

Mike was explaining the best way to fill out the brackets to Walker and said
“Choose with your head son, not your heart. Your mom didn’t follow that advice. That’s why she has UNC in the final four.” 

I mean just look at that intense look on Mike’s face.


Hey, UNC made it to the sweet 16.

We may make it to the final four too, you never know.

What I Learned from the Oscars

What I Learned From the Oscars - 2015

What I Learned From the Oscars – 2015

Puntastic Valentines: I Only Have Eyes for You

Boy Valentines are so hard once you get to a certain age. You can’t be too lovey-dovey, or too cute, so these days I have to get approval for everything I put on a Valentine.  We can’t let a girl think we like her, you know. And if you have a boy like mine – you know that he could care less about arts and crafts. So, I get a chance to have some fun and get creative (since the days of fun, creative birthday parties are pretty much over).

For me, cute Valentines aren’t for attention, competition, or torture. They are fun. They are a way for me to express my creativity in a way that may make others smile and – let’s be honest – crafting for just myself is a bit of a bore at times.

This year’s Valentine can be used for boys and girls! Inspired by JonahBonah‘s purchase of adorable sunglasses at The Dollar Store, I put together a cute printable for Melissa to use. Here’s the pic of her final product – so cute!


And I put my own twist on it, with quirky little googly eye rings from Target, for Walker’s class:



Want your own? Just click here for the version you need:  Only Have Eyes for You (without a name) or I’ve Got My Eye on You Valentine (without a name). There’s plenty of room to write on the bottom. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Rare Sighting: Long Pants on 9-yr-old Boy

Rare sighting of young male child in long pants – caught on camera. The paparazzi was out in full force one morning last week trying to get this shot.

Seriously, you would have thought I was asking him to cut off his arm when I forced him to wear long pants. I mean it was 12 degrees outside. He took them off three times, rolled them up and finally gave up. Usually I don’t care, but when it is 12 degrees outside, I’m gonna put my foot down. I mean, I don’t want his teachers and the other moms to think I’m a slacker. I mean, I care if he’s cold too…



Clearly I’m not the only person that deals with this issue – this article is totally my life. And the author is totally correct in the hoodie sneakery – that’s the only redeeming element of the whole wardrobe some days – and I do the same thing in the mornings.

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving Breakfast

I know, you’ve got to save room for all of the food that will be placed in front of you the rest of the day, but this adorable cinnamon roll turkey just has to show up on your breakfast table! And it looks pretty easy too – I’ll let you know after I try tomorrow morning! Click here for the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!