We laid my beautiful grandmother to rest the day before Thanksgiving. She was my favorite, my place to spend the night when I was little, a phone call every week, a kiss and love you every departure. She hadn’t been able to speak for a while because of Parkinson’s, such a horrible disease. My grandad took care of her until the very end, after 67 years of marriage, never leaving her side. She wanted to be buried in a light green dress and for once, my love of shopping did something wonderful and found the perfect one. She was my last grandma, my favorite grandma, and the sweetest, most loving Christian lady you’d ever meet.

Watching someone die is a painful and draining process. It’s something I’ve never experienced, but leaves so many feelings on your heart and mind. My grandmother has been fighting this disease for a while, but always came back from any bumps in the road. This time, she got in the bed and stayed there. It was a whole week of holding her hand, being with her, telling her stories, kisses on her forehead. My mother and grandfather were there for every moment, I visited two days during that time and the emotional impact was much more than I’d ever imagined it would be. The whole family came – the children, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, we were all there. That time was so special, as we knew why we were there, but it was unspoken.

My grandfather, oh where to start. The most amazing man you’ll ever meet. Tough as nails, but full of love. She was his sweetheart, and the Wednesday before she died, we were talking and he said “People ask me how I do everything for her, and I just respond, well, I know if it were the other way around, she’d do it for me too.” ALL THE TEARS.


I’ll leave here with something my cousin wrote about the passing, and the days after, and something that I could never put into words as well as she did – she nailed it. Yes, this is the kind of family I understand.

“I’ll never understand families that fight over possessions or fall out over finances when someone dies. Tonight while we were sitting around filling out thank you notes, my granddaddy came upstairs with my grandmama’s last will and testament. With tears in his eyes he read it to us, choking up each time he read “her beloved husband.” With tears in our eyes, we listened to the love in his voice and craned our necks to gaze at her beautiful signature. That’s the kind of family I understand, and for that I am eternally grateful.”



Seems like some people are taking the saying “glitter makes everything better” very literal. Have you seen the new fad of applying glitter to your roots to prolong visits to the salon? I’m all for spending less money on the upkeep of my coif, but don’t quite think that I could get away with this. Much less at work. Maybe when I go out to the clubs. Wait, I don’t do that. Maybe Halloween?


That got me thinking. What else could we use glitter for? How about dark circles under the eyes? Glitter that!

What about crow’s feet? Frown lines? No botox needed here, just add glitter.

Unwanted stretch marks? How about some glitter on those gams.

Still have your ex’s name on your tattoo? Glitter that guy.

If I sprinkle glitter in with the dust in my house, does that mean it’s now decor and not dirt?


And just for fun, and if you need more sparkle in your life, here’s a whole Pinterest board I created dedicated to glitter

So I guess the answer to my question is yes, maybe everything is better with glitter.


My mom can tell you about my Barbie obsession growing up and how many hours I could play with my dolls. My most magical Christmas growing up was when I received that big beautiful yellow and pink Barbie dreamhome. I was in heaven…remember this one? Yep, I had it and my parents evidently stayed up all night putting it together Christmas morning. They took lots of naps that Christmas day.

In my real job, I manage branding and corporate marketing for a global company. So, that means I try to keep in touch with branding trends and new ideas. I’ve never been able to resist a Barbie, so when the below video was recently shared on my Facebook feed, I had to watch. Mattel hits a home run with this new ad for Barbie, positioning it around the potential and future possibilities of girls vs. just cute clothes, makeup and fun hair (which, actually, can live together in harmony if we are lucky enough).

Watch, and let me know what you think.

Inspired by some fun sayings I’ve seen on some pumpkins and t-shirts online this year, I put together some new free Halloween printables! For some previous fun printables, click here and here.

To use, just right click, save to your desktop, and print! It’s as easy as that! Now, getting a 10 year old to decide what he wants to be for Halloween, that’s a bit harder…wish me luck.

WitchCandy TreatYoself

If you know, me,  you also know I love Halloween. I pulled out the Halloween decorations for the house yesterday, so we are tricking and treating over there already. Today I decided my Facebook page needed to get into the Halloween spirit, so I put together a quick graphic for my header. Feel free to steal and use on your Facebook page to get everyone in the Halloween mood too! All you have to do is right click on it and save to your desktop, then upload to your Facebook page! Wallah – you’re instantly decorated for Halloween (at least online anyway)!