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Am I right yall?

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First Day of School – 4th Grade

The obligatory first day of school pic. Not a lot has changed in terms of interests and likes since 3rd grade. But he sure is taller and gave me a bit more sass about having to take this pic. Oh well, we’ll see how much longer I can make this tradition last.



First Day of Forth Grade

First Day of Third Grade

First Day of Third Grade

First Day of First Grade

First Day of First Grade


Get Thee to the Anthropologie Sale

I love a good sale as much as the next woman on a budget. A friend had on a necklace from Anthro the other day that I loved because it was so original and she said she got it for a steal at Anthro. Here are a couple of great items I found online on sale as well – and bonus – everything is an additional 20% off right now! Run or type fast! (And no, this isn’t a sponsored post).

Anthro Sale



1. Starlight Mesa Necklace $31.96 2. Zuma Necklace 23.96 3.Gravatai Loungers $23.96

4.Rosae Tank $23.96 5.Siargao Tank $55.96 6.Dit-Dot Tote $39.95

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Pretty Puppy Portraits

Looking for a gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life? For me, it’s my husband. His life is golf – both personally and professionally – so pretty much anything he wants related to golf he can get at work or his suppliers there.

So that leaves me with his other interests, which are his his love of television,  his love of ice cream, anything that relates to the beach and his sensitive and sweet love of animals. Which is sometimes too sensitive. I mean, the dude feels bad when I yell at the dog for peeing in the hall.

So, I thought a pretty, puppy portrait of our crazy Lucy would make a great gift. Off to Etsy I went, and found a great artist by the name of Ian McDonald (his shop name is ScottieInspired). I loved the color and detail of his work, and the prices are great too.

All I had to do was send him a photo of Lucy, and he emailed me back a digital drawing of her to produce how I wanted. Below is the pic I sent, and the actual portrait he sent back, which I had printed via Canvas on Demand, using a coupon. The whole project cost me about $150.00 and will be something we can keep forever!


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photo (4)

August 2014 – Walker 9 Years Old


July 2010 – Walker 5 Years Old



4th Grade Cover Charge And Summer Learnings

Back to school is finally here. School starts August 20 and we did the obligatory Target run this weekend for school supplies, totaling more than $100 once you add up the must-have new backpack. But it’s done and all is packed and ready for meet the teacher day.

photo 1

I can’t believe this pic of my boys was taken the last week of school – which seems like it was just yesterday.

But I think it’s time to head back.  I’m starting to get that “I’m bored” tone, and we all tend to work better with a routine.

Our successes this summer?

So far, we’ve managed to read half of one book, which I guess is better than nothing. But I feel like a crappy mom because I didn’t push it more. Walker is a great reader, but could care less about Harry Potter, which breaks my heart a little bit because seriously, WHO DOESN’T LOVE HARRY POTTER?

Does this count as handwriting practice?

Does this count as handwriting practice?

We’ve learned a lot about Minecraft and basketball, which I’m sure are really good skills to have for the future. Minecraft is all about survival and that basketball scholarship isn’t going to earn itself.

And swimming, lots of swimming, which come on, could save your life if you’re drowning, so I’d say extra practice is always a good thing.

We’ve seen 5 movies, learned proper movie etiquette when asking someone in front of you to turn their cell phone off (hint, remember you’re with children) and how to properly work the new self-buttering machine and the auto-ticket dispenser at the theater. Bonus, we’ve also earned lots of AMC Stubs rewards, so it’s like I’m making money.

We took our first hike to the Eno River, Walker learned how to swing on a rope and we then learned how to remove ticks from our private parts. We also learned that the very scary, rocky and winding path we took to the swimming hole was the wrong way to get there. Next time, we’ll know better.

We learned that watching video’s on mom’s iphone while driving back and forth to the beach incurs A LOT of data overage charges and that sometimes we may just be ok to look out the window and take in the world.

We also met Walker’s new baby cousin Mary Charles, and he learned that sometimes, girls can be pretty cool.



All in all, it was a successful summer. We learned about life by just living it, taking it a day or week at a time. Sleeping in a little later and working a little more from home. And just being together.


Fellow Fat-Shinned Friends, Rejoice

The tall boot fad MAY be over. I say this with caution, as part of my excitement may be for my own selfish reasons, but when I walked through Nordstrom today, I saw an abundance of booties. My shins screamed with excitement, knowing this meant no more of them being stuffed into a tall boot that barely zips and my wardrobe options immediately opened up.

I was very, very close to biting the bullet last year and buying a pair of Frye boots that had an extended calf – they fit me by golly – I was going to go for it. But instead I purchased a pair of authentic cowboy boots during a trip to Texas, knowing I’d wear those pretties forever.

I think the crem de la creme of the booties has to be this pair I saw from Rag and Bone. I like the height of it, the sole and the fact it’s casual. Alas, even if I had the cash to drop on these beauties, I think the guilt of paying that much for a pair of shoes would haunt me. (They are $595.00 after the sale, $389.00 during)

Rag and Bone


So instead, I’ll probably go for one of the below options, to save the guilt and money. Couple of things to note here. 1 – I must have a thing for buckles; 2 – There are a lot of ugly booties out there (after searching online for a long time); 3 – An $80.00 pair of boots from Target better be good.

Fall boots


Then I’ll have to figure out how to wear them. I think that calls for another post all to itself.


Hi Again…

Hey there – I’m back! I’ve been gone since December, and I’ve missed writing. It seems like a day didn’t pass which I thought of something to write about, but just didn’t have the time. But I do miss it here, so hoping to return to the land of my blog, my thoughts, now. Several things have gotten in the way of my blog, but I’m going to work through those barriers. I miss it here too much.

1. I’m getting old. I can’t stay up all hours of the night like I used to. That’s when I did my best blogging, but now I’m lucky if I make it until 11:00 with my eyes open. But I need to be sure to make time, to take time, because I do miss my blog friends and community.

2. House projects have slowed. I’m not doing a lot of creative work on the house right now. That gave a lot of fun content for the blog, but I’m really in fix-up mode to prepare to hopefully sell next year and move into something with more room, and DEFINITELY a screened-in porch to keep the mosquitoes away – and a huge backyard for Lucy and Walker to play. These projects aren’t fun and most are ones I’m having to hire someone else to do – like replace the whole back door and paint all of the trim (I don’t do trim).

3. Work. It is crazy ridiculous at work – but that’s a good thing – but I don’t have much time to think anymore – it’s just go go go…and when I get home, I really am not in the mood to get back on the computer.

4. I’m reading books more. Well, reading, listening – same thing. I’m up to 9 books so far this year – and I’ve joined Audible and loving everything about that.

5. Netflix. OMG what did we do before Netflix? I’ve watch all of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and currently watching Dexter. I mean, it is so addictive, right? And you get immediate gratification with another episode right after you finish one! I’ve also watched and am caught up on Game of Thrones and my most favorite show was True Detective and I can’t wait for the next season. I’m also thinking about watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning (who else misses Denny?) and my sister loves The Walking Dead and I’m thinking about that one too.

6. Summertime – lots of beachtime this year – it’s been great! Walker and I have been to the beach 5 times this summer and I also took a week trip to San Diego for work which was a blast! I can’t believe it is almost August.

7. Basketball – finally over for the season, taking a bit of a break until the rec leagues start up in December, but still working on training on Sundays. Walker still loves it as much as ever and it’s so much fun watching them play. We just got back from Myrtle Beach and the nationals tournament and they had a great time – there were some tough games, but great experience. !

Geez – I’ve been wondering what my distractions have been, but I guess I see it now!

Here are a couple of pics to show you what we’ve been up to. That’s it for now…talk more soon, k?

Family Pics


Are you ready?

Not to scare you, but there are officially 6 days until Christmas, according to my Christmas countdown app, Walker and the constant e-mails I keep getting from companies wanting me to buy stuff.


Are you ready? What’s left to do? I have one more present to buy…then the wrapping party shall commence!


Video Christmas Card: Christmas Jammies

If you’re local to the Raleigh/Durham area, you may have already seen this, but it is just too good not to share once again. And hey, I’m all about helping this cute family continue their “going viral” status.

Couple of things to share related to this video:

1. I wish my family was this cool.
2. My son has watched this 15 times already and woke up this morning singing it. Specifically, he likes the part “My jammies fit me just right, but my daddy’s are a little tight.” I like that part too personally.
3. Which leads to this…I’ve had a crush on Penn Holderness for several years now. There, I said it.
4. But who can compete with that beautiful wife of his????
5. He’s a local Durham kid. Just another reason to love Durham.
6. They created a video Christmas card last year as well. You can check that one out here: